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Changzhou Chonshin Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd Profile

Chonshin Machinery was founded in 2016, located in Changzhou Jintan District, covering a total area of 12,000 square meters, is a set of casting, machining, surface coating as one of the modern enterprise. The Group Company has 13 years of machining experience and workshop of 60,000 square meters.
The company mainly produces cast iron and its processing (gray cast iron, ductile iron and some vermicular graphite cast iron product line) to provide customers with casting or casting 

processing products.
Casting process : clay sand automatic molding line casting, resin sand casting.
Products mainly related to automotive, transmission, engineering machinery, valves, agricultural machinery, tools, textile machinery, general machinery, machine tools and other industries. Casting weight in the 0.5-300KG, the annual casting production capacity of 15,000 tons.Well-equipped casting and machining equipment.            


Japan’s Sinto Horizontal Parting Flaskless Molding line--FBM-Ⅲ(Green sand Casting)、Resin sand molding line、EIRICH sand Treatment line、3T medium frequency induction furnace、Hot core making machine、Cold core making machine、Coated sand core machine、sand blasting.In addition,the company also equipped  Mold design 、processing manufacturing department、specialized mold workshop and moldflow analysis software-CAE.

Machining Equipment
LGMAZAK, HISION, FEELER, DOOSAN and other brands of Computerized Numerical Control Machine (vertical, horizontal), CNC lathes, CNC boring machine, grinder, milling machine, slotting machine, broaching machine, wire-electrode cutting, gear hobbing machine,gera shaping machine etc.

Inspection  Equipment
Spectrograph,Polishing Machine for making merallographic test,Ultrasonic Detector,Magnaflux,Vectra-Touch,Coordinate Measuring-Machine,Messuring-Projector,Roughness-Meter,Roclwell hardness tester ,Leeb hardness tester,Brinell hardness tester,Digital Brinell hardness tester,Gear measuring  center,Film thickness tester,Flow-type salt apray test chamber,C-S analyzer,Tensile testing machine,Dye detection,Sand inspection.
The company has many years of experience in cooperation with overseas enterprises.

Attentively casting products, to the integrity of the world! 

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